the easiest way to learn English. and, it's free!

englishMoo is a free mobile game available on iOS and Android that helps users learn to speak 1000 most common English sentences from more than 115 languages.

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completely free!

no in app purchases, no click bait and no upgrades. the englishMoo app is 100% free for you to use.

speak like a pro!

learn to speak hundreds of most common English sentences using text to speech to tell you if you're saying it right or not.

levels and rewards

collect badges you can flaunt on social media and take part in free assessments to test your knowledge and master English.

learn English from more than 115 languages

learn hundreds of English sentences that you will speak everyday - at job interviews, while travelling, dating someone, meeting friends and all other situations you will be in. 


read, listen and repeat approach to learning.

read a sentence, understand the meaning in your own native language, and finally learn how to speak it. it has never been easier to learn English!


free badges and fun rewards you'll love!

unlock fun badges when you cross levels and take part in free 1:1 assessments with real English teachers who will help you master English like no one else. 

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